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SUS444, 1.4521 Stainless Steel Polished Plate BEBON

SUS444 (1.4521) polished plate material is a typically 18% chromium based stainless steel with corrosion resistance as good as 1:4509 and better than 1:4003. It is characterized by good corrosion resistance and good aesthetic properties. Having no nickel but with the addition of niobium and titanium,SUS444 (1.4521) stainless steel polished plate isnt subject to the wild price fluctuations Steel Grade Equivalency TableStainless Steel Grades Product Erdemir Grade No Çolakolu Metalurji Grade No Tosyal Grade No Euro EU Italian UNI German DIN American ASTM SAE French NF Japan JIS; HR Hot Rolled300891008C8EC8CK8SAE1008HR Hot Rolled301091010C10EC10CK10SAE1010HR Hot Rolled301291012C12EC12CK12SAE1012HR Hot Rolled 350_Translate this pageFLANGE, PANEL MOUNT,ALL STAINLESS STEEL, 0 10000PSI, GLYCERIN FILLED PNKPP GF" 007609 062 Det Tronics EQ3001PNNW CL07A300MN GE CONTACTOR 3P 65A 230V AC COIL ABB 3BHL001141P0001 FILTER G2 G15/150 6 8 SUCO Part Number 0159 43414 1 001 lodine absorbent cartridge 12217


Translate this pagespirent gsua 0078 gss6300 . 2021 05 12 00:00SMW SP ES 350 115 3 Z235 052850___ Translate this pagesmw sp es 350 115 3 z235 052850DACPOL PT3R 400/540 1400F__Translate this page902 004 / 10 390 1005 protection of stainless steel, d = 6mm, EL = 50mm (insert deep) thread M12 1, PT1000 twist 902 004 / 10 390 1005 protection of stainless steel, d = 6mm, EL = 65mm (insert deep) thread M12 1, PT1000 screw in schunk 307135 schunk PWG80 S 302613 EATON 50S1 DMM125/1 IEC/EN60947 3 50 60HZ 125A

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